Thursday, July 18, 2013

Contreras VBS Mission Trip 2013: New family

"Mi casa es su casa."

It's such a famous saying in Mexico that people know it all around the world. Thanks to some great relationships we've developed in the last week, our team now feels like they have lots of new family -- people that would say or have said, "My house is your house."

VBS at the Contreras church has continued to see the Lord's work in action. Jaye and Scott gave testimonies today, being very transparent with things that have happened in their lives and answering lots of very tough, pointed, honest questions from kids.

After they finished their testimonies, Jaye and Scott were asked to encourage the kids in one group to accept Christ as their savior. They did, also encouraging them to attend this great church that can provide for all of their needs as new Christians. They prayed the salvation prayer, and several children raised their hands to indicate that they had accepted Christ. Others may have prayed the prayer but may not have raised their hands.

New names in the Lamb's book of life. This is why we came.

Debbie and Mercedes, a girl she met three years ago on a similar mission trip, continue to develop their relationship.  This is good considering Mercedes's rough home life and lack of spiritual guidance from her parents.

Marisa has really connected with David's daughters and is talking about return trips to Mexico. Cameron has started thinking about revisiting Mexico and serving. Morgan has mentioned future mission trips.

The Lord is stirring the hearts of our team.

In the evening, the team visited David and Karla's home for dinner. They met David and Karla's neighbors -- doctors from Bolivia that are not (yet!) believers. Jaye and Scott's daughter, Allie, is getting ready to work in Bolivia for five months, so the neighbors graciously traded contact information with family that live there.

Coincidence? I think not. Sounds like The Lord is starting to do something exciting in these wonderful people's lives.

Tomorrow is the last day of VBS, which will  include our normal classes (crafts, games, missions, testimonies and class) plus a closing where parents are invited. There will be a message, performances of songs from VBS and prizes. It will be a very  bittersweet day for our team. Please pray that the parents' and  children's hearts will be stirred for The Lord and that they get connected to the church.

 Children prepare to illustrate the story of Paul and other prisoners and prison guards being battered by a storm on a ship (Acts 27v).
 Jaye and Scott share a testimony with little ones!
 Children participate in games.
Ladies of the Contreras church prepare tortillas for the day's snack. They have made food for 100 children and probably 30+ workers all week using this kitchen!

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